tomasino (dot) org

Hi, my name is James Tomasino and I do things on the internet.


I've worked in web technologies since the early 2000s. I have experience across industries including pharmaceuticals, government, oil, and consumer advertising. In that time I've been a developer, designer, user experience architect, dev-ops engineer, data analyst, experience design innovator, digital strategist, and more. For the last several years I've had teams at multiple offices across multiple cities reporting to me as their technology director.


My most passionate hobbies include retro-computing, fiction writing, travel, and hiking.


I have created and administer two public access unix systems with dedicated communities. Cosmic Voyage is a shared, semi-collaborative science fiction universe with custom tools for writing and collaborating in the terminal. Tilde Black is an experiement focused on privacy and anonimity in the digital age. Finally, my browser extension "Stutter" allows for quick reading of web content using Rapid Serial Visual Presentation.


I've moved away from most of the major social networks but have found a welcome home in the Fediverse. I also stay active on technical boards to keep my skills sharp.


I'm an avid reader and challenge my self to read more every year. I love fiction, especially the fantasy genre, but my tastes are fairly eclectic.

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I have a number of instant messaging accounts with varying degrees of security. If you want to reach out to me privately, a PGP encrypted email is probably safest.